Import Vehicles: A Specialty

If you drive a Volkswagen, a Mercedes, a BMW, or an Audi, what is one thing you share in common with everyone else that owns one? Unless you know someone or have a friend who’s hobby leads them to specialize in those vehicles, you will have a difficult time keeping things running properly. The majority […]

Don’t Forget to Brake!

The brakes are an incredibly important part of any vehicle. Due to the laws of physics, objects in motion will stay in motion unless something acts against it. So, without brakes, your car will continue careening along at whatever speed you accelerated up to without any change until something, like a wall or another vehicle, […]

Keep the Heat Down With Your Radiator

Radiators. The kind that you still see in older buildings, sometimes with varicolored crayon wax melted on from the last mischievous child left unattended in the vicinity. The ones that pump out heat like the world is about to freeze over. How in the heck would one of those abominations keep this dreadful summer heat […]

Keep Your Transmission Healthy

Everyone knows that one of the worst things to have to repair on your vehicle is the transmission, and while Smitty’s mechanics are the best at transmission repair Gainesville FL or anywhere nearby, it can still get expensive. So in order to help you save your time and your wallet, here are several ways to […]

Keeping in Time, On Time

While relatively few people know a significant amount of what goes on under the hood of their car, almost everyone knows that the various rubber belts that connect various cylinders are all crucial to a properly functioning vehicle. There is the fan belt, the timing belt, and of course the most commonly known: the seat […]