Import Vehicles: A Specialty

If you drive a Volkswagen, a Mercedes, a BMW, or an Audi, what is one thing you share in common with everyone else that owns one? Unless you know someone or have a friend who’s hobby leads them to specialize in those vehicles, you will have a difficult time keeping things running properly. The majority of mechanics that are used to domestic vehicles can’t stand to work on import cars, and when they do, something often goes wrong again before you are even due for your next oil change. Something about specialty import vehicles causes mechanics to either love them and focus on them, or hate them and give them the cold shoulder.

Luckily for those living around the area, you have Smitty’s Auto Service. The best import car mechanic Gainesville has to offer can be found here. Proper auto parts in Gainesville are hard to come by for your imported vehicle, but Smitty’s has them for just the right price. They don’t want to gouge you here; in fact the guys here are friendly, and they will tell you what you need in no-nonsense lay-person language.

At Smitty’s you will not be fed a load of bologna like “Oh, well your spark-plug cap has been leaking your headlight fluid all over the place, so if we want to get your car to start again we need to replace the radiator belt and realign the piston plug.” To anyone that speaks the language, that is almost like saying you are out of apple juice, so you need to buy oranges to get more (a stretch of an analogy, but it gets the point across). Have no worries, the Gainesville auto repair specialists at Smitty’s will tell you in plain language that makes sense to anyone what is going on and what needs done with your car. Not only will they be open and honest about the work you need done, they are also fair in their pricing too. So if you have any trouble with your car, or even any questions come see the best import car mechanic Gainesville can boast about at Smitty’s Auto Service.

Don’t Forget to Brake!

The brakes are an incredibly important part of any vehicle. Due to the laws of physics, objects in motion will stay in motion unless something acts against it. So, without brakes, your car will continue careening along at whatever speed you accelerated up to without any change until something, like a wall or another vehicle, acts against that forward motion to stop it. When that happens, it usually is not pretty.

The best in brake repair Gainesville FL has to offer, Smitty’s Auto Service, will tell you that it is important to maintain brake pads and proper fluid levels. Not only can they enumerate the many reasons why such maintenance is so important, they can also perform it at a reasonable and low cost to you.These guys are the best Gainesville mechanics you will find around, and they don’t jerk you around and try to use nearly unintelligible mechanic-jargon to confuse you into paying more than you should for their auto service Gainesville drivers.

If you do not have them already, it is likely they will suggest ceramic brake pads for the average higher performance vehicle. Just because the pads are made partially of ceramic material does not mean that they will crack and shatter like a poorly made art project. No, ceramic pads are great because they are quieter than metallic pads and they also create less dust from prolonged use. They were initially developed for high-performance vehicles since the ceramic component of the pads allows them to endure higher temperatures than the regular metal ones without any sort of deformation, not to mention the lighter weight.

Higher quality, faster speed, and friendlier brake service Gainesville FL can not offer you. So look no further for any of your Gainesville auto needs. The mechanics at Smitty’s Auto Service will take great care of you and your vehicle.

Keep the Heat Down With Your Radiator

Radiators. The kind that you still see in older buildings, sometimes with varicolored crayon wax melted on from the last mischievous child left unattended in the vicinity. The ones that pump out heat like the world is about to freeze over. How in the heck would one of those abominations keep this dreadful summer heat down? Well, for starters, it wouldn’t. That is not the type of radiator we are talking about. No, the radiators that will cool things down are the type that are in your car, usually located almost directly behind the grill of the vehicle. They are both radiators, yes, but they both serve very different purposes.

The radiator in your car is crucial to its proper functioning. If something goes wrong with it, the best specialists in radiator repair Gainesville FL has to offer are ready to take care of you. While the radiator’s purpose is to cool the car, it does in fact radiate heat, but we will get to that soon. In order to prevent the engine from overheating a liquid coolant is passed through it to absorb the heat. As the coolant itself heats up, it is cycled out of the engine and into the radiator. The radiator has a series of coiled tubes within it through which the coolant passes in order to dispense with its absorbed heat. By the time the coolant has made it all the way through the radiator, it has cooled down sufficiently to be used once again to cool the engine, and so the cycle begins anew.Regular Gainesville auto repair and maintenance helps make sure that this process can continue effectively.

So, where does the radiator actually do the heat radiating which gives it the name? There are numerous metal “fins” that surround the tubes which house the coolant, and these fins absorb the heat from the coolant and release, or radiate, the heat into the surrounding air. There is typically a fan near the radiator to blow the heated air away from it so that nothing gets too hot, but the fan is really a separate part of the system altogether. If any part of it isn’t functioning properly and you need radiator service Gainesville FL has the best around for it. Smitty’s Auto Service also handles Gainesville auto parts as well, so if the fan, radiator, or any other part of the system malfunctions, you can have it all fixed and taken care of quickly, professionally, and for a reasonable price. Better discount auto parts Gainesville FL does not have, so come to Smitty’s for all your Gainesville auto needs.


Keep Your Transmission Healthy

Everyone knows that one of the worst things to have to repair on your vehicle is the transmission, and while Smitty’s mechanics are the best at transmission repair Gainesville FL or anywhere nearby, it can still get expensive. So in order to help you save your time and your wallet, here are several ways to keep your transmission looking spiffy.

First of all, you need to check your transmission fluid regularly. It is best to check it while the vehicle is still hot, or after you have been driving for a little while, in order to get the most accurate reading. Ideally, you want to check all of your fluids, transmission, brake, coolant, and oil, every time you gas up, even if it was not even a full week ago that you did so. Stop-and-go traffic are brutal on the car, especially when it gets hot out, like during Florida summers, for instance. If it has been a particularly hot summer or you have done excessive wear on your vehicle, it may be prudent to change the transmission more than just bi-annually (as is suggested). You must keep in mind that the transmission fluid serves several purposes. It cools, lubricates, and cleans all the parts of the internal transmission system while simultaneously providing the hydraulic pressure needed to make everything work in the first place. When the fluid gets really dirty from extended use it does not perform its many tasks nearly as well.

Second, you want to make sure to have your vehicle brought in for a checkup at least twice a year. The Gainesville mechanics at Smitty’s Auto can have this done for you in a jiffy. It is very important to get a routine checkup on your vehicle because the only way it can tell you something might be wrong with it is to make noise or rattle. Unfortunately, cars cannot yet tell you in plain words that something is wrong, you must interpret that yourself.

Hence the checkup; the Gainesville auto mechanics know how to speak the car’s language and can tell if it needs fixing. Cars are very durable machines, but they are also incredibly complex, so there are many things that could go wrong. Keeping the transmission in check can stop the root of many of those problems before they even develop. This is also largely the third step you can take to ensure a properly functioning machine for as long as possible. As soon as you notice something that feels or sounds out of place, get it checked out. The severity of the blow to the wallet is often directly related to the amount of time you hold off on getting that issue checked out. Ignoring problems does not make them go away, and cars are no exception. So whether you have a domestic vehicle or a foreign car, Smitty’s Auto has you handled, since a better import car mechanic Gainesville cannot find.

Keeping in Time, On Time

While relatively few people know a significant amount of what goes on under the hood of their car, almost everyone knows that the various rubber belts that connect various cylinders are all crucial to a properly functioning vehicle. There is the fan belt, the timing belt, and of course the most commonly known: the seat belt. These are all vitally important pieces of a well-functioning vehicle. They each serve a different purpose too. One of the most important pieces is the timing belt. It is, in a way, what makes the engine go.

The timing belt is a rubber belt with, in more modern makes, rounded rubber teeth along the inside for grip and traction along the moving cylinders it connects. Older timing belts were made with angular teeth that looked more like triangles, but these tended to wear more quickly and need more frequent replacement. If you go back in time even further still, earlier than the mid ’70s, you would find chains instead of rubber belts being most widely used. Being made of steel, these caused more wear on the parts they connected and often led to a loud clanking rattle sooner or later. Nowadays, some models are beginning to phase the use of chain belts back in, although with technological advances these can be made from more durable and smoother materials than steel. BMW is actually somewhat known for its use of timing chains because of their durability. And since this import car mechanic Gainesville shop specializes in BMW parts among several others, they will have no trouble finding one for you, be it a chain or a rubber belt.

So, now that we have a bit of the evolution of the timing belt floating about our noggins, lets get to the important part. What does it do? You can find out, courtesy of your Gainesville mechanics, by poking around that timing belts are there to maintain a perfect alignment of the camshaft and crankshaft in order to provide proper valve timing. Cool.

So, what does that actually mean to people who don’t speak under-the-hood car-talk? To put it simply: it makes sure the gas used for the internal combustion part of the engine is sprayed just in time to get the best bang for your buck. The engine’s cylinders, whether you have 4 or 12 of them, each spray a small bit of gasoline into the engine where a spark will ignite it; the small explosions within the engine being what makes it run. Keeping the timing just right will make sure that gas is sprayed just in time to keep the explosions continuous, but not excessively overlapping (which would be wasteful).  So if your car is close to 90,000 miles be sure to swing by your Gainesville auto repair specialists to keep your car running in time and make sure that every drop of that gold-precious gasoline is put to the best use.