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Smitty’s Celebrates 23 Years of Superior Auto Service!

“Berrisford Smith, owner of Smitty’s Auto Service, has found satisfaction and success since striking out on his own….” That was the caption under a large photo of Smitty standing in his shop, posing for The Gainsville Sun twenty-three years ago.  A lot has changed since Smitty graced the front page of the newspaper’s Business & Careers section, but his sentiments remain the same.

Smitty spent nearly a decade working as an Auto Technician for the then local VW Dealership before deciding to open his own auto repair service.  Friends and family worried.  With a young family, a new home, and other responsibilities, should he assume the many risks of business ownership?  They didn’t worry for long.

Smitty opened his shop with just one lift, a couple of floor jacks, and his regular hand tools.  He was his own lead technician, parts buyer, and customer service representative. Ask Smitty which tools he relied on the most, and he won’t name anything that fits in a tool box.  Instead, he talks about his eagerness to succeed, his focus on satisfying customers, and the assistance of a very dear friend, Ms. Hannelore Callahan who handled company paperwork three days a week so Smitty could concentrate on running the shop.  Additionally, his daughter Surinda, who was only 12 years old at the time, lent a helping hand during summer breaks, assisting with parts ordering and other office duties.

It didn’t take long for this dynamic trio to get Smitty’s Auto Service driving toward the highway of success.  It took only a matter of months for the shop to double its client database.  Just seven months after opening his door, Smitty had to hire help in order to meet the demands of his ever-growing client list.  “Hiring that first technician, the late Cliff Caughlin, made a world of difference”, explains Smitty, “not only were we able to get more work done, I was able to spend more time with my customers, explaining what was wrong with their cars and what was needed to repair them.”  Two years after opening, Smitty’s Auto Service converted from hand written tickets to computerized repair orders which allowed the shop to maintain accurate customer service history.

Smitty’s focus on honesty, clear communication and superior customer service has always been the cornerstone of his business. He proudly explains “some of my first customers were college students from the nearby University who now have kids of their own, and they still come to us for servicing and repair needs”. Smitty inspires loyalty not just in his customers, but in his employees as well.  For example, Mrs Hannelore Callahan who made such an important contribution in getting the business off the ground, worked with him for over 19 years. Before retiring, she personally trained Surinda to take on the necessary company paperwork responsibilities.

As his clients’ families have grown, Smitty’s Auto Service has also seen a significant expansion. The shop now employs 3 full time auto technicians who have access to the Alldata Information Center; 5 lifts; a brake lathe; state-of-the art diagnostic tools for VW/Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Volvo; and many special tools that would only be found at the respective dealerships.  Smitty’s also carries a sizeable in-house auto parts inventory.

And, 23 years later, Smitty is still going strong, even after 16 months of dialysis and a kidney transplant from his daughter, Surinda, nearly 4 years ago.  Drop by the shop, and you’ll still find Smitty communicating with his customers, assisting with repair diagnostics, performing quality control checks, and transporting his customers anywhere they need to go in the Gainesville area.  He even provides his own personal pick-up service for customers when their car repairs are completed.

As the newspaper article stated twenty-three years ago, Smitty has indeed found success and satisfaction as a business owner.  To quote him today:  “My thanks go to our customers and our employees who have participated in this wonderful journey so far.  As for me, I am still loving every minute of it!”

In fact, love is everywhere you look at Smitty’s Auto Service—from his daughter Surinda who manages the office; to the mutual appreciation he shares with his customers and employees; to his fatherly concern for today’s college students who are often many miles away from home and facing the daunting need for car repair.

When Smitty isn’t at work, he focuses his love and pride on his family.  He has a beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters, Hermia, who lives in the West Indies, and Surinda, who lives (and works) much closer to home.  He is also a proud grandparent of five wonderful grandchildren.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

“Click-clack.” Wait a second, my engine doesn’t sound like that when I start it up normally. And for some reason it doesn’t seem to make any other noise than that. I turn the key and expect to hear the engine roaring to life, but instead get this clicking noise and then nothing. What a wonderful way to start out the work week! I don’t have to scour the world for the best priced auto parts Gainesville FL has to offer.

If you are having problems similar to this, it is probably the starter in your car that is damaged or not working properly. However your vehicle might not be making any kind of recognizable noise after turning the key. Either that or the above onomatopoeia fails to fully capture the essence of the “bad-starter” car noise. There are several things that can cause your vehicle to not start, and before you bring your car to the Gainesville auto repair specialists you trust most, see if it might be something that is a quick and easy fix. Otherwise your favorite car repair Gainesville FL shop might be expecting a visit from you.

First, check the cables connecting the battery. If your car was working before this, odds are that the cables are connected to the proper places on the battery, but look where they join it. It is possible that there is some corrosion there that is blocking the electrical connection. The white or green almost foamy looking substance that builds up around a battery’s terminals is easy to recognize and, while it is annoying, it is relatively easy to clean up (a metal brush works wonders). Worst case scenario here is that the corrosion has gotten through to the battery and killed it, prompting a trip to the Gainesville auto specialists.

There is one more thing that most people can check pretty easily on their own to determine the nature of your car’s start-up malady before taking it in to their favorite Gainesville mechanics. Look at the lights in the car, both the overhead lights and those on the dashboard. Are they dimmer than usual? Do the car’s beeping noises seem a little quiet? If so, then you may have a problem with the alternator or your battery’s power is just low and needs recharging. Simple, easy to determine, quick fixes like this are something you can fix at home, but if none of the above tactics work, then perhaps it is time that you get your vehicle to the Gainesville car repair specialists at Smitty’s Auto Service and have them get your car fixed and back on the road in no time flat.

Import Vehicles: A Specialty

If you drive a Volkswagen, a Mercedes, a BMW, or an Audi, what is one thing you share in common with everyone else that owns one? Unless you know someone or have a friend who’s hobby leads them to specialize in those vehicles, you will have a difficult time keeping things running properly. The majority of mechanics that are used to domestic vehicles can’t stand to work on import cars, and when they do, something often goes wrong again before you are even due for your next oil change. Something about specialty import vehicles causes mechanics to either love them and focus on them, or hate them and give them the cold shoulder.

Luckily for those living around the area, you have Smitty’s Auto Service. The best import car mechanic Gainesville has to offer can be found here. Proper auto parts in Gainesville are hard to come by for your imported vehicle, but Smitty’s has them for just the right price. They don’t want to gouge you here; in fact the guys here are friendly, and they will tell you what you need in no-nonsense lay-person language.

At Smitty’s you will not be fed a load of bologna like “Oh, well your spark-plug cap has been leaking your headlight fluid all over the place, so if we want to get your car to start again we need to replace the radiator belt and realign the piston plug.” To anyone that speaks the language, that is almost like saying you are out of apple juice, so you need to buy oranges to get more (a stretch of an analogy, but it gets the point across). Have no worries, the Gainesville auto repair specialists at Smitty’s will tell you in plain language that makes sense to anyone what is going on and what needs done with your car. Not only will they be open and honest about the work you need done, they are also fair in their pricing too. So if you have any trouble with your car, or even any questions come see the best import car mechanic Gainesville can boast about at Smitty’s Auto Service.