Learn to Recognize the Signs that You Need an Auto Repair Tune-Up

Learn to Recognize the Signs that You Need an Auto Repair Tune-Up


Is your car giving you trouble? Maybe it is poor mileage, your engine misfiring and stalling? Or it may have begun failing emissions tests. If you nodded to any of these questions, then it is time that you recognize the signs and schedule an auto maintenance tune-up for your car. There are plenty of VW repair services that can help provide you with high quality tune-ups, but they will ask you about the problem your car is experiencing.

This is done to ensure that they know what the problem is and can fix it quickly. This is like how you would talk to your doctor, and tell them about the symptoms you are experiencing, before they diagnose and treat you. An auto technician will run tests on your car to figure out and fix the problem, but it would help them out if you can recognize the signs and mention it to them.

So, what are the signs that your car needs an auto tune-up? Let’s have a look at the basic ones:

A Misfiring Engine

Your engine could start misfiring because the spark plugs have worn out, which can result in bad fuel economy and slow acceleration. The spark plugs should be able to provide you with excellent service for more than 100,000 miles, but in some cases, they get worn out earlier.

Bad Fuel Economy

This can also be down to the weather, since the car engine needs to worker harder during the winter, and therefore, it will have an impact on fuel economy. However, a clogged or dirty engine air filter can also cause bad economy, along with slow acceleration. The air filters in your car will collect dirt and dust over time, and this will impact on the performance of your car. If you notice that your car is hardly accelerating, and is giving bad fuel economy, you need to replace your air filters.

Drivability Problems

If your car is giving your drivability problems, it could be due to engine deposits, which are caused by contaminated or low-quality gasoline. The only way you can get the problem fixed is through an auto tune-up, as the fuel system cleaning system will need to replaced and a new one will be installed by a VW repair service.

Engine Light Turning On

The engine light of your car will turn on and blink repeatedly if there is any problem with the emissions control system in your car. The problem could be caused by engine performance, and will lead to bad fuel economy, and possible engine damage. That is why it shouldn’t be ignored, and you should head over to an auto repair service for a tune-up.

It can be hard to notice the signs your car will give you, because the way you drive, and the age of the vehicle will also indicate different symptoms. That is why it is best to head over to a professional VW repair service, so that they can conduct a complete auto tune-up. It is the best way to ensure supreme performance from your car because they have the tools and the experience to diagnose any problem.

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