Squeaky, Squeaky, Squeal: Your Car, Your Car’s Brakes and THAT Squeaky Ride!

Sunny weather, clear road, sweet guitar riffs and a free-spirited you—it’s nice to be back on road after a long winter hibernation!

Your convertible too seems to be up for the occasion, racing smoothly across the stretches.

And then you press the brake pedal.

Your car squeaks a little.

Miles down the road, the squeak worsens.

That once pleasant ride has now turned into a squeaky ride.

All because of those noises coming from your car’s brake; the squeaky, squeaky, squeal.

But what’s making your car’s brakes go squeal?

What Makes Your Car’s Brakes Squeak?

To understand what makes your car’s brakes squeak, it’s important to first understand how your car’s brakes work.

A typical car braking system consists of mechanical parts and hydraulic parts. These mechanical and hydraulic parts work together to make your car stop whenever you clamp down on the brake pedal.