AUDI TSB # 15 06 05 2013147/7 MIL on

This (TSB) Technical Service Bulletin, describes the MIL on (Check engine light on) the reason being excessive wear on the intake camshaft lobe that drive the high pressure fuel pump, limiting maximum pump piston lift, causing fuel rail pressure fluctuations. the wear on the cam lobe also leads to wear in the base of the high pressure fuel pump cam lobe.

This condition causes the following DTC Codes to be stored in the ECM Data Memory

  • P2293 (Fuel Pressure Regulator 2 Performance) at times in combination with
  • P0087 (Rail fuel pressure too low)
  • P1093 Fuel trim 2 bank 1 malfunction)


Increased Surfaced Hardeneding of the camshaft lobe for the high pressure fuel pump Improved intake camshafts with part# 06F109101B