VW TSB # 15 06 01 2012988

Engine – Rattling Noise On Start Up (Normal Condition)

Model(s) ALL Year 1999-2005 Engine 1.8T – 2.8L – 4.2L Trans ALL Vin Range ALL

All the vehicles mention above uses hydraulically actuated camshafts which is controlled by the engine oil pressure.

When the vehicle sits for long periods, the engine oil accumulation in the camshaft adjusters tends to bleed off, flowing back into the oil sump.

When the cold engine is started the oil pressure has to be built back up in the camshaft adjusters, during this time a slight rattle/knocking noise may be noticeable, this noise is normal at these start ups and will last only until the oil pressure is fully restored.

DO NOT Replace the Camshaft Tensioner(s) or Camshaft Adjuster(s) for the noise described above.

Replacing the camshaft tensioner(s) or camshaft adjuster(s) will not get the rid of the noise.