What is a timing belt, and when should I replace it?

The purpose of the timing belt in the engine is to maintain a perfect alignment of camshaft(s) and crankshaft to provide proper valve timing.

Most cars are sold, traded or even abandoned because the timing belt failed, and in most cases there is major engine damage.

All vehicle manufactures have specific mileage intervals when the timing belt should be replaced. We also recommend changing the timing belt tensioner, rollers, seals water pump and drive belt’s at the same time since in most cases they are going to be removed anyway and it is very cost effective, should a tensioner, roller or seal fail because it was not replace at the same time with the timing belt you will probably have to do the job over if you are LUCKY.

At Smitty’s Auto Service, Inc. We recommend replacing the timing belt tensioner seals and water pump before 90,000 miles, You should check your maintenance guide for your specific car.

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