Things Your Car Mechanic Won’t Tell You

Owning a car comes with its set of perks—it makes commute a lot easier; allows you to enjoy long drives to get your mind together.

Yet it can quickly becomes a nightmare when the vehicle refuses to start or issues weird sputtering noises!


There are crooks practicing in every profession. Be it an impromptu visit to the car doctor or a regular scheduled maintenance appointment, following are some statements you will hear from the worst professionals in the business.

We Return Old Vehicle Parts – Upon Request

Old vehicle parts, especially of foreign vehicles fetch quite a hefty price if sold to car owners looking for that particular part. Many mechanics also recycle old vehicle parts taken out from one customer, installing in another customer’s car!

Be sure to ask the mechanic to return an old part when having one replaced in your car. Is your mechanic advising an unnecessary repair? Hire an independent auto repair service to check and see if the replacement is a necessary repair or not.