VW Timing Belt Repacement Parts Needed

When you decide to replace your VW Timing Belt, there are some additional things that must be done to ensure a proper job that would last another 75,000-90,000 miles before it is due again.

Replacing the timing belt should always include the timing belt tensioner damper (1) and the timing belt tensioner roller (2) the picture here shows the timing belt with both tensioner(s).

Then we have the engine seals, in this Engine ID: AWP 1.8 Turbo there are three engine seals in question when doing the timing belt replacement job, front crankshaft seal Qty (1) and Camshaft seals Qty (2).

Timing Belt with roller and damper VW Crankshaft Seal VW Crankshaft Seal VW Water pump

And finally the water pump, since the timing belt is removed you will notice the water pump is readily available and easy to remove at this time saving quite a bit from having to remove it later when it fails since the water pump is more than likely the same age as the timing belt, always use a water pump with a metal Impeller since pumps with plastic Impeller cracks very often, causing major overheating problems.

Make sure the system is properly bled then you can pressure check the system for leaks, wait for the cooling fans to cycle a few times, check again for leaks. Always use the proper coolant for your application.

The reason we recommend to change the additional parts is simple, if any of the added parts should fail prematurely the entire job would have to be redone again which would cost more down time and money and in many cases what you were trying to accomplish by changing the timing belt is now ruined by a broken timing belt tensioner, or the timing belt saturated with oil from a leaking camshaft or crankshaft seal, or in the case of the water pump leaking six months after the timing belt was installed.

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