How to Find a Reliable Mechanic near You

These are the qualities we look for when choosing a reliable mechanic or an auto repair shop in Gainesville:

“He is always there when you call for a car emergency, good with his hands, reliable and trustworthy…”

However, finding the most qualified mechanic can become difficult in a world of imposters and cheats.

Tips on how to find a reliable mechanic:

Make a Selection from AAA-Approved Auto Repair Network. Don’t have an AAA membership? Don’t worry! This non-profit organization lists down reliable and qualified auto repair shops in the country that can be viewed and selected by non-members too.

Why is it a good idea? All participating auto repair shops listed by AAA in the network must offer 12 month/12,000 mile warranties on all repairs. Other conditions set by the organization are the usage of ASE and passing AAA inspection.

Check for Information on Car Forums

Sometimes the correct thing to do is staring right on your face or computer screen! Is there any problem with your car? The best option car owners have is go online and ask for good auto repair shop recommendations on specific car forums that provide reviews on your vehicle’s brand or model.

Local Repair vs. Car Dealerships

You will have to pay more for a repair job at a car dealership compared to a local repair shop. A survey conducted by CarTalk found that dealerships charge 15% more than an independent car repair shop.

However, it is better to take your car to a dealership if the warranty for parts and labor hasn’t expired. In the case of car warranty expiration, visit AutoMD which will help you find a qualified and affordable local auto shops.

Be Sure To Ask About Warranties and Offers

What kind of repair warranties are offered by the selected auto repair shop? Is there any special discount or offer that you can benefit from?

Each car repair shop will offer different repair warranties and guarantees, so you will need to ask this question before using a service. For instance, Smitty’s Auto Service offers three oil changes for the price of only $49.95.

Do an In-Person Visit before Committing

Visiting an auto repair shop before committing to their service is a very good idea. This will show you how the mechanics repair and work on cars, whether a setting is professional or not and how fast is the service.

Professional auto repair shops even small local ones look, sound, smell and feel professional! Do your car a favor by visiting Smitty’s Auto Service even for fixing small maintenance issues. Call us today!

Also see Choosing a Certified Auto Repair Shop.

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4 thoughts on “How to Find a Reliable Mechanic near You”

  1. My car has been having some issues, so I want to make sure that I get a good professional to fix it for me. It makes sense that I would want to find a repair shop that is properly licensed to handle this kind of work. That seems like a great way to ensure that they are qualified to get my car working properly.

    1. Hello Braden, I am glad you choose to get some more info before making a choice, first I would like to tell you about our working policy. First we verify your immediate concern then make an estimate addressing said concern and email it to you for approval, and proceed from there, when this is complete we drive the car to make sure your concern was satisfied. after doing it this way for the last 31 years and it has worked well, if you need more assistance, Please feel free to contact me. (352) 373-3060.
      Berrisford Smith (Smitty)

  2. I never realized that AAA had a special network of mechanics that I can trust to work on my car. My wife and I have an older vehicle that is starting to have some serious issues. I think it’s time to take it into a shop so that we can get it up and running smoothly again.

  3. Hey Spencer, You have made the right decision to check, or just get a bit more information, we have been at the same location for the past (31) Years, and we would be glad to at least verify some of the issues that concern you. our Business hours are M-F 08AM to 05:PM, we do not close the shop for a lunch period, someone will be able to assist you.

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