Common Car Problems: Faulty Alternator

A car alternator is a device that supplies your car with the electricity that it needs. Alternators are especially relevant in today’s day and age, when we have fully electric cars. Therefore, an uninterrupted, built-in supply of electricity is crucial for your car to function.

Although cars power up using the installed batteries, there are other mechanisms in the vehicle that need a constant supply of electricity, which can quickly drain the battery if not for alternators.

Therefore, you should always keep a check on your alternator, in case it becomes worn out and needs servicing.

Here are a few signs that can help you determine if you have a faulty alternator:

The Plight of the Lights

The most common and evident symptom of a faulty alternator is the dimming of your vehicle’s lights. A flickering center dome light or headlights are a sure-fire sign of a weakened alternator. In fact, if your lights brighten as your car’s RPMs increase, your alternator is probably going to die out soon.

A Call for Help

If you haven’t been clued in by the headlights, your car will tell you what you need to know. In most cases, the service engine light pops up. If your vehicle model is new, you may see a battery icon indicator or an ‘ALT’ sign, but they all mean the same thing. It’s a cry for help that should be answered without delay.

What is that NOISE?!

If you don’t pick up on these signs, your car will eventually start screeching in pain. Jokes apart, you may hear odd noises depending on whether the serpentine belt around the alternator pulley has worn out. This may result in a squealing sound. Moreover, if your car is growling, that’s probably because it’s lost its internal bearing and needs a replacement soon!

Electric Misfires  

If you experience retardation in your automatic window mechanism or if your radio suddenly stops playing your favorite song, don’t worry. Your car isn’t possessed; it’s just the ghost of your deceased alternator that has come back to haunt you! Get it replaced soon so the poor soul can rest in peace!

Battery Dies

As mentioned above, your alternator prevents your battery from running out by supplying electricity to the car parts that aren’t run by the battery. But when your alternator dies, your battery is quick to follow as it gets overburdened by all the electrical needs of the vehicle.

Every car part is important and therefore must be paid attention to. If your alternator is suffering; don’t make delay! Schedule an appointment with us at your earliest convenience and get auto repair services in Gainesville, FL today!


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