Common Car Problems: Faulty Starter Motor

A starter motor is a mechanism that works as a medium between your car’s battery and engine. When you turn your ignition key, it sends your starter motor a signal to use the power from the battery and supply it to the engine so it can start.

The engine runs on its own after that.  This is a small but very important component of your car’s functionality. Without it, your car just won’t start. And if that has been happening to you recently, it probably means that there’s something wrong with your starter motor.

So, without further ado, let’s find out the fault in our starter motors!

Weird Noises

The first and foremost sign of a starter motor going bad is that it starts making grinding noises when you turn your engine key. This means that the connecting gears between the engine and the flywheel have worn out and are now protesting. This noise can also be coming from within the motor. If you don’t take immediate action, it can have a direct negative effect on your engine, racking up your repair costs.

Starts but Doesn’t Go!

Your starter motor could use repairing if it responds when you turn the key in but the motor doesn’t start. Usually, this problem is connected with the gears that lead to the flywheel and can only be fixed by a professional auto repair service provider.

Lights Out!

Another sign of a faulty starter motor is that your lights will dim and start flickering. Although this can also mean that there’s a problem with the alternator. In either case, you need to get it fixed before the damage gets out of hand!

Is that Smoke?!

A glaring red flag that indicates starter motor failure is if you can smell or see smoke coming out of your car when you try to start the ignition. Don’t forget that your starter motor is a machine, and machines can overheat due to overuse. In such events, smoke will start emanating from the hood, which could be the result of a blown fuse, a problem in the wiring connection, or even an engine failure.

These problems can have a grave impact on your engine and take a toll on your fancy ride. Don’t take chances, contact us for a complete set of auto repair services in Gainesville, FL and write a happy ending for your car and its starter motor!


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