Common Car Problems: The P0413 Trouble Code

The air intake and injection system within your auto mobile reduces emissions and ensures that the fuel has air containing oxygen within the engine in order for combustion to occur. There are, however, times when there may be problems with these systems resulting in problems.

One error, coded P0413, common among vehicles made by European manufacturers, relates to possible complications within the air injection system.

How Will I Tell?

In order to establish that everything is functioning as it should, the air intake system provides your engine’s control module with data in the form of voltage. If the voltage is not in accordance with what has been prescribed by the manufacturer, it will turn on the ‘check engine’ light.

What’s it About Exactly?

P0413 occurs due to a number of reasons, all of which pertain to the air intake and injection system. These include but are not limited to broken valves, moisture in the pumps and the damage caused when the same freezes.You can see how air injection facilitates combustion engines in the diagram above.

Code P0413 can also be attributed to fault with the pumps air bypass and injection functions as well as poor or incorrectly done system wiring.

Do I Need To Worry About It?

Though P0413 on its own might not require that you go rushing to look for a mechanic immediately, like with all auto mobile problems, the sooner you address it the better.

If left unaddressed, you will need to deal with an underperforming automobile which can be quite a headache in the long run. The good news is that this error is easy to fix if you’re a certified auto repair specialist.

You Will Need a Mechanic

Since this is not something you can fix yourself, we suggest you look for an auto repair expert if you’re experiencing such a problem frequently. Fixes most commonly performed to address this error include replacement of damaged wiring as well as rewiring of the air injection system. It may also include pump replacement and valve inspection however a certified auto mechanic should have you sorted in no time.

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