Common Car Problems: Understeering and Oversteering

When it comes to common car problems, oversteering and understeering are most certainly up there. As auto repair specialists who specialize in cars manufactured by Audi and Volkswagen, we’ve often had to tune vehicles to help our clients address such problems.

A bit About Oversteering and Understeering

As the name states, oversteering is when your car is overly responsive to your movement on the steering wheel. Understeering, the opposite implies that your car is not responsive enough. The thing is, both of these can be problematic.

What many of you may be wondering is why oversteering and understeering may be happening to begin with.

A Lot of Different Reasons

The thing about oversteering and understeering is that there is not one single reason why either of these may occur. A car may oversteer or understeer due to some of the reasons highlighted below.


Here are some of the known reasons why cars may oversteer:

  • Traction/Imbalance: When the front wheels of your car have a better grip on the road than the rear wheels, the rear end may swing when making turns.
  • Control Problems: If the back of your vehicle fishtails or slides out, the car may oversteer.
  • Rear Wheel Drives: Such vehicles sometimes oversteer upon turning as the rear wheels that provide the power for movement lose their grip transferring more momentum to the front wheels.

Apart from these there are other reasons that a car might oversteer relating to weight distribution etc.


Let us now examine some of the reasons why a car might be understeering:

  • Gripping Problems: Old and worn out tires tend to lose their grip on the road well. This can sometimes result in understeering and a diminishing of overall steering responsiveness.
  • Acceleration: This can happen if your foot is still on the gas when you’re making a turn as your front wheels tend to simply pull or plow forward.
  • Front Wheel Drives: Since the front wheels are also  the onesproviding power, they can be a little under responsive when making certain turns.

Do I Need to Worry About These?

Neither phenomenon is worth concern if it happens as a one off; however, if you’re consistently experiencing steering issues, getting it looked at is a matter of safety. Not just your own but that of others on the road and in the car with you.

Luckily, such issues are not usually too difficult to fix and an adept and certified auto repair technician should have your car back out on the road in no time.

Winding Down

If you’re experiencing such issues with your automobile and are looking for a certified auto repair technician in Gainesville, FL, just give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do!


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