Do You Have An Honest Mechanic?

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry tells George that he thinks that his mechanic is taking advantage of him? George replies with, “That’s what they do!”

The bitter truth is, George was right. Nowadays, you never know who’s honest and who’s not, especially when it comes to mechanics. As someone who knows nothing about cars, you rely on them to fix your car and be honest from the start.

But plenty of mechanics (not all) aren’t honest about the work they do. Some don’t put any effort into fixing your car, and some demand more money to put in the effort!

So how do you know whether or not your mechanic is being honest with you? Here are a few signs:

They Don’t Answer Your Questions

An unreliable and dishonest mechanic will never answer your questions. You should never trust someone with your car if they don’t tell you what’s going on. A good mechanic will always be transparent and honest from the start.

If they refuse to answer your questions or are just downright rude, it’s time to look elsewhere. As the owner of your car, you need to be asking plenty of questions, especially if they concern costly repairs!

They Never Admit Their Mistakes

It’s understandable when professionals make mistakes and don’t understand it themselves. However, it’s not an excuse, especially if they shift the blame on their clients. Example: “It would not have happened if you had been more careful”.

Cars break down all the time, which is why mechanics are there. A mechanic who can’t own up to their mistakes is not an honest and reliable mechanic.

The Customer Never Comes First

Ever been to an auto repair shop only to find it messy and the staff is impolite? Well, nobody expects an auto repair shop to be squeaky clean, but the last thing you want to do is get your car serviced from a place that is barely clean.

What Certification?

If your mechanic isn’t ASE certified, it’s time to look elsewhere. You want to find someone who is licensed and experienced. They will know the work ethics required to work with cars and will do an impeccable job handling all the complex problems of your car.

Smitty’s Auto Service offers auto maintenance and repairs in Gainesville. We only hire ASE certified mechanics. If you need to consult a professional mechanic, feel free to call us at (352) 373-3060. We also specialize in repairs for German cars like Audi and Volkswagen.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment today!

Written by autoshop-dev

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