Finding the Right Car Mechanic in Florida

Finding the Right Car Mechanic in Florida


If family is a man’s pride and joy, his car comes in at a close second. While women love to drive cars, the relationship that men have with their cars runs deeper, and is something that women don’t really seem to “get”. So, when your car breaks down, you would obviously want to schedule a car repair service at the best auto repair shop in town. We’ve done the leg work and have found ways for you to find the best auto repair service in town without any hassle.


You may have seen this one coming. Whether you’re going in for a radiator service or brake repair, certifications is to an auto repair shop, what a degree is to a doctor. You wouldn’t want a doc to cure your cancer if he told you he didn’t have a five-year degree, right. Similarly, it goes without saying that when you are hiring an auto service, the first thing you look for are their certifications. The best way to gauge a mechanic’s credibility is to check if the shop is certified. For instance, is the staff working there Automotive Service Excellence certified? If the answer is yes, your car is in good hands. If not, keep looking.

Check References

Sure, your auto repair shop may seem amazing on paper, but that’s no reason to feel smug with your choice just yet. It is important that you gauge the skill and experience of the auto repair shop that you are about to hire by checking their references. The best way to do that is by visiting their website, or their social media page, and read some of the reviews left by past customers. A happy customer is a satisfied customer, so if the majority of reviews left by past customers of the auto repair shop are negative, chances are they’ve earned that reputation. If you’re still not satisfied, you can always ask a member of the staff for a few names of their previous customers who had an Audi repair or VW repair service at their shop, and then make the calls to see how satisfied they are. If the auto repair shop is worth its salt, they shouldn’t have any problems with that and will gladly share with you a few names of their previous or current clients.

Do an Equipment Check

Don’t be shy. It’s perfectly fine to stroll around the auto repair shop and make an assessment of the kind of equipment and technology they have to deal with AC repair, tire services or other issues with a car. The mark of a savvy auto technician will be their eye for picking out the problem as soon as you start the engine, and the mark of a good auto repair shop is the technology they use to find hidden issues with your car and carry out repair services accordingly.

Located in Gainesville, FL, Sasponline has been serving the local population the best way they know how. By providing Florida residents with top-notch Audi repair and VW repair service, along with other famous automakers such as, Acura, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Lexus, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Suzuki, Toyota and many more at unbeatable prices.

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