How Often Should I Get My Car Serviced?

In some ways, cars are like living organisms; they need sustenance and regular maintenance. In fact, if you get your car serviced regularly, you can not only keep it running smoothly, but also eliminate the chances of having to deal with severe auto repair problems.

But alas, 35% of Americans choose to skip recommended car maintenance visits to the mechanic to save time and money.

This isn’t just bad for their car in the long-run, but also for our environment; because a car that’s not repaired on time can be problematic for the whole community, not just its passengers.

When Should I get My Car Serviced?

Automobile manufacturers will tell you to head to the mechanic every year, or once your counter reads 12,000 miles. Some cars will take it upon themselves to notify you if you need to get them serviced. This is usually in case there’s an internal issue that the car has self-diagnosed. Don’t take it lightly, though. Take your car for service at your earliest convenience; no matter if it has reached the 12,000-mile mark or not!

What Services are Available to Me?

Maintenance can range from something small like a simple oil and filter change to a manufacturer service call.

Regular oil and filter replacement maintenance will involve a general check up of the primary components of your engine and overall vehicle. This includes testing the braking system and suspension. This helps in identifying any major or minor problem that might be residing in your vehicle which may end up deteriorating the whole mechanism if not fixed on time.

Why Should I get My Car Regularly Serviced?

Other than to keep your car from breaking down, getting your car serviced regularly keeps maintenance costs low. This is because any potential threat to your car and wallet is nipped in the bud before it gets worse. Therefore, regular service of the car is, at the very least, a financially sound decision.

Another similar advantage of regular maintenance is that it keeps your car’s value from depreciating. Your car is one of your most valuable assets. If you don’t get it serviced regularly, its value in the market will fall and you won’t be able to attract a higher selling price for it.

Selling a second-hand car is already an overwhelming and tiresome experience. To top it off, the market is extremely competitive. Therefore, in order to find worthy potential buyers you’ll have to maintain your vehicle’s value. This will only be possible if you get it serviced often and take care of its insides.

Where can I get My Car Serviced?

It matters significantly where you take your car for service. Many auto repair shops are incompetent and can further increase your problems are than solve them. Therefore, you must always choose certified and experienced auto repair services for your home on four wheels!

We, at Smitty’s Auto Service, Inc., are certified by the ASE to take care of your car and provide high-quality auto repair in Gainesville, FL. We offer a free shuttle service and provide premium auto repair services at reasonable prices. So what are you waiting for? Schedule regular maintenance with us today and enjoy a smooth ride for years to come!


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