It’s Getting the Power But My Car Just Won’t Start—WHY?

Running late to your kid’s ballet recital because your car won’t start? Didn’t you just replace the battery, though? So what could be the reason?! Well, there are several!

So before you start to curse your fate and question your skills as a devoted parent, read this blog to diagnose the problem!

Switch Twitch!

If your engine won’t pick up despite getting the power it needs, the problem is not in your engine but in your ignition switch. This could be because the switch has worn out and the mechanism has gone faulty.

Try switching your headlights on. This will help you determine if the problem is in fact with the switch, as the headlights are controlled by your car’s battery. If they turn on, it means that your engine is fine; it’s just the switch that’s not working.

Trouble Starter

If the ignition switch isn’t the problem, then the next possibility is a faulty starter motor. The purpose of a starter motor is to use the power provided by the battery to ‘startup’ the engine. This happens when you turn on the ignition switch, which sets the starter motor in motion to gear up the pistons. It’s a tiny but important role; because if the starter motor goes bad, battery power won’t be delivered to the engine and as a result, it won’t start.

Try turning the switch on; if it’s accompanied by a clicking sounds, it’s a sign of a worn out starter motor.

However, the symptoms of a faulty starter motor are very similar to a faulty ignition switch’s. These include:

  • The car not starting when turning the ignition switch
  • A loud clicking when the ignition switch is turned on; but the engine still won’t start

Fogged Fuel Filter

Another common reason for an engine not starting is a clogged fuel filter. If the filter is congested, for whatever reason, the necessary fuel won’t be able to reach your engine, preventing it from starting.

On average, a fuel filter should be replaced at 15,000 kilometer intervals, otherwise it’ll be difficult for your car’s mechanism to burn enough fuel to get going and it will further damage the system.

We understand that it can be frustrating to deal with a problem without being able to get to its root. Therefore, rather than making wild guesses, just bring your car to us. We’ll get to the root of the problem, faster than you can say it! Get in touch with us because we provide the best auto repair services in Gainesville, FL for all your automobile troubles!


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