Please Help – My Car Shakes When Idling!

Though car sales in the US the previous year were not as high as they have been in the years prior, the industry still managed to move over five million vehicles according to statistics. If you’re one of the many who purchased cars in 2014 or 2015, chances are your vehicle has already done a decent amount of running.

There Comes a Time

Even cars manufactured by some of the best companies globally, after a few years and through use and wear begin to deteriorate. Even with regular maintenance, certain issues cannot be avoided and warrant repair.

You can tell a lot about the state of your car by observing the way it behaves. One problem many experience after a few years of using the same car is shaking when idle. To be clearer, does your car shake while you’ve pulled over at a red light? Does it rattle when you’re waiting for your kids outside their school with the engine on? Does it vibrate when you’re slow cruising to find an address? If you can relate to these or have a similar problem with your car, you might need to look into it.

Why’s My Car Shaking?

We’re going to highlight some of the reasons your car might be shaking when idle so you can decide if or not you feel that auto repair services are needed.

Motor Mounts

Motor mounts ensure that the car’s engine stays fixed firmly to the car’s main frame. These through time and age can sometimes become damaged or come undone which in turn causes violent engine trembling. The way to tell if this is the case is by shifting into neutral. If you do have an issue with the mounts, the only situation you won’t feel the rattling is when your car is in neutral. This situation warrants immediate attention.

Faulty Belts

The circular or serpentine belts which are used in your car are crucial to its running. These can deteriorate over time and cause problems. Furthermore, if these are not adjusted correctly or damaged or poorly fitted, the result could be serious engine rattling.

If it’s the belts, it’s a small and easy fix for any qualified auto repair technician but again something you shouldn’t wait to get done.

Fuel Intake Issues

Finally, your car may shake and rattle when idling if your fuel intake system is not working as it should or is clogged. Gaps in the fuel supply will invariably cause the engine to stop periodically, jerking the car, hence the rattling and shaking.

Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs are small and easy to replace yet highly essential parts of your car. If these are rusted, worn down or too old, they may not be able to spark as efficiently as they used to. This will cause what people call misfiring.

It is the misfiring engine in this case that is responsible for the car shaking.

Winding Down

A rattling car may also be the result of problems with your intake hoses or due to reasons not mentioned here. In any case, if your car has started rattling and it’s not just because of old spark plugs, you best get it looked at!

Those of you located in Gainesville, FL, in need of a certified auto repair expert can always get in touch with us and come in so we can run a diagnostic on your vehicle. Till then, drive safe folks!


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