Saving Serious Money on Car Repairs

What is the one thing car drivers hate more than not being able to speed up on an empty road due to speed limits? There’s probably little drivers hate the most than getting their car repaired and not knowing how much it will cost.

Car repairs are usually expensive and time consuming – even more so if the repair in question isn’t part of routine or preventative maintenance.

Can you save money on car repairs? We think it’s possible to save a lot of money on car repairs! Here’s how:

Skip Unnecessary Car Maintenance That You Don’t Need

This step is tricky especially if your car is still under warranty. Many car manufacturers stipulate the need for complete regular maintenance if the vehicle is still under warranty, to keep warranty valid.

However this doesn’t mean you should keep up with the same maintenance checks even after warranty expires. Additionally, take a look at specific warranty requirements and confirm what is actually required and important in maintenance.   

Conducting regular preventative maintenance on your car is important especially when you want to save money.

However, not all maintenance checks need to be conducted as often as some car service centers suggest.  

Know Usual Charges for Car Repairs in Your Area

It is generally a good idea to know exact estimates of usual and common repair jobs that you undertake. Where will car owners find this information? There are many helpful websites that provide estimates for common repair jobs according to a car’s make and area.

AutoMD is a wonderful and free resource from where you can find common repair estimates according to area as well as take advantage of a diagnostic tool.

Do Some Repairs Yourself That You Can

There are many easy car repairs that you can actually do yourself without damaging the car. What are those jobs? Changing the wiper blades doesn’t need professional car repair experience. The same goes for changing the air filter.

You can take help of a professional in this regard – a local auto parts store can help you choose the right parts for your vehicle that can be replaced by yourself.

Do NOT Pay for High-Mileage Oil

One part of car maintenance concerns with oil change. This is also the most common expense that is made by car owners. Additionally, oil change can also be expensive depending on the place where you are getting this service done.

Many oil change shops strongly suggest the use of high-mileage oil if there are over 100,000 miles on the odometer. This isn’t true!

Yes, high-mileage oil is superior compared to conventional oil but is also super costly. Besides it is an unnecessary expense.  

Another way to ensure big savings in auto maintenance and repair without compromising on results is by bringing your car to Smitty’s Auto Service today! Avail from monthly offers on oil changes and more.

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