The Costs Of Hitting The Curb

As you drive through the snowy, icy roads, you’ll have to be extra careful. There are several risks involved in hitting the curb while driving. Here are a few to be aware of:

Tire Damage

Even if you’re going at a slow pace, there are risks involved. Even if you’re driving at the pace of 5 to 10 mph, you can damage your tires. This can have a serious impact on your car’s performance because your tires are responsible for making sure your experience driving is as smooth as possible.

Damage to Tie Rods

Most drivers pay no heed to problems after they hit the curb but the truth is, it can be more dangerous than you’ve imagined! Tie rods are what connect your steering to the wheels, and after hitting the curb, it’s possible for them to get damaged.

Make sure you get them checked immediately as it can compromise your safety, and place those around you at risk. It can significantly affect your control on the steering wheel.

What Should You Do?

Good question.

It’s important to first check whether any damage has occurred.

You can start by taking your car to a car maintenance service. The second step to take is to find out whether your car’s alignment is out. It’s a small price to pay but make sure to get it fixed if it is.

An alignment check can save you from a variety of costly problems. It’s also important to see whether your car has suffered any other damages.

Sometimes we’re unable to identify the problems but a professional can inspect your car thoroughly. This will help prevent minor problems getting worse and major problems getting out of hand.

It’s important not to delay getting your vehicle inspected after hitting the curb. Call us at (352) 373-3060 to schedule an appointment today. At Smitty’s Auto Service, we are dedicated to solving all your car maintenance problems. Just leave it up to our technicians to handle the job while you sit back and relax.

We offer auto maintenance services in Gainesville, Florida. Not only do we have the skills and knowledge to fix your car woes, our experts are certified and licensed professionals.

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