The World’s Fastest Cars

“If speed kills me one day, don’t cry because I was smiling” – Paul Walker. What is the point of driving a fast sports car at the slowest speed limit? It won’t provide the same kind of thrill and adrenaline compared to driving a fast car on an empty road! But how fast is the

Saving Serious Money on Car Repairs

What is the one thing car drivers hate more than not being able to speed up on an empty road due to speed limits? There’s probably little drivers hate the most than getting their car repaired and not knowing how much it will cost. Car repairs are usually expensive and time consuming – even more

Things Your Car Mechanic Won’t Tell You

Owning a car comes with its set of perks—it makes commute a lot easier; allows you to enjoy long drives to get your mind together. Yet it can quickly becomes a nightmare when the vehicle refuses to start or issues weird sputtering noises!   There are crooks practicing in every profession. Be it an impromptu

How to Find a Reliable Mechanic near You

Always there when you call for a car emergency, good with his hand, reliable and trustworthy… These are the qualities we look for when choosing a mechanic or an auto repair shop in Gainesville! However, finding the most qualified and reliable mechanic can become difficult in a world of imposters and cheats. Do you want

Choosing a Certified Auto Repair Shop – Why Is It Important

“Why did you turn down that nice mechanic who wanted to fix your car for half the market price?” “Unfortunately, he wasn’t ASE certified… Nothing but the best for me and my car! In an ideal world, ASE certification is important and every car owner’s right when it comes to auto repair and maintenance. Yet

Do You Have An Honest Mechanic?

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry tells George that he thinks that his mechanic is taking advantage of him? George replies with, “That’s what they do!” The bitter truth is, George was right. Nowadays, you never know who’s honest and who’s not, especially when it comes to mechanics. As someone who knows nothing about

Gift Ideas for Drivers

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s a good idea to plan a nice gift for your loved ones. It can be difficult choosing the perfect gift, especially when it comes to driving enthusiasts! If you have a loved one is a motor head, you’re probably wondering what you should gift them. They say that it’s

The Costs Of Hitting The Curb

As you drive through the snowy, icy roads, you’ll have to be extra careful. There are several risks involved in hitting the curb while driving. Here are a few to be aware of: Tire Damage Even if you’re going at a slow pace, there are risks involved. Even if you’re driving at the pace of

5 Automotive Maintenance Myths You Should Stop Believing

While changing your car’s oil, fuel filter, and transmission is important, how often should you get them done? This depends on who you ask. Car manuals have something else to say, and car enthusiasts have their own words of wisdom. But the main problem is, most of us aren’t mechanics so we’re not familiar with

The Guide to Saving Fuel and Saving Money

Thanks to the recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida, Floridians will be facing high fuel prices for a long time, a report says. Hurricane Harvey is responsible for shutting down 3.2 million barrels in a day, and hurricane Irma has shut down almost all of Florida’s gas supply. With the crisis of fuel shortages, many

5 Overlooked Car Maintenance Problems

A vehicle is more than just transportation. It’s a reflection of who we are, our personal choices, and a great way to explore the open roads. But when it comes to maintenance, most people only have a limited amount of knowledge. They’re only aware of the term ‘oil change’ and ‘tire pressure’. There’s a lot

Car Care – Your Check List for Preventive Maintenance

Car Care- Your Check List for Preventive Maintenance   Preventive maintenance is the key to the safety and longevity of your car. It will ensure that your car is able to function well, and is less likely to be in need of an auto service. But, that’s only if your preventive maintenance efforts are done

Reasons for Working with Professional VW Repair Services

Reasons for Working with Professional VW Repair Services   When it comes to the maintenance of your Audi or VW, there can be no compromises, since only the best must do. That is the reason why you need to ensure that you only work with professional VW repair services to ensure that you get the

Finding the Right Car Mechanic in Florida

Finding the Right Car Mechanic in Florida   If family is a man’s pride and joy, his car comes in at a close second. While women love to drive cars, the relationship that men have with their cars runs deeper, and is something that women don’t really seem to “get”. So, when your car breaks

Car Heater Not Working, Here’s Why.

Car Heater Not Working? Here’s Why   People don’t turn on their car heaters until it gets chilly. One of the most frustrating feelings is when you turn on your car heating system during frigid temperatures, and nothing happens. A car heater is designed to warm the passengers inside a car during cold weather. This

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