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At Smitty’s Auto Service, Inc., our mission is simple – to fulfill your auto repair needs in a professional, efficient and friendly manner. We go an extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction and get your vehicle back on the road.

It takes a lot more than just a few tools to repair a car. At Smitty’s Auto Service, we have been providing auto repair services for over three decades and have the tools, along with the experience, skills and resources to take care of any of your needs in an effective and efficient manner.

If your car has ever broken down, you will know how stressful it can be to stand by your vehicle waiting for an auto mechanic to arrive. At Smitty’s Auto Service, we help you avoid such an inconvenient and stressful situation by providing you a comprehensive range of auto repair services in Gainesville, Florida.

Aimed at improving the performance and life of your vehicle, our maintenance services take care of everything from oil and filter services to more complex and intensive diagnostics of your vehicle.

Whether you are looking for a reliable foreign or domestic car repair service in Gainesville for simple upkeep and maintenance of your vehicle or you want a VW mechanic to take care of a frustrating problem that requires immediate repair, we provide you a complete solution for all your needs, keeping your car functional and safe to drive.

Expert Volkswagen and Audi Servicing

Nobody understands your Volkswagen and Audi cars better than our expert automotive specialists who have served countless customers and ensured their complete satisfaction with our superior-quality auto repair services in Gainesville, FL.

We understand that you may feel unsure about taking your car to an auto repair shop because you are afraid that you will get charged for unnecessary things. To help you feel more confident, we provide you complete details about any repairs that your car needs before starting work on your vehicle.

The Most Reliable Auto Repair Mechanics in Gainesville

Having the best mechanics in Gainesville, we strive to offer you a pleasant, well-rounded experience of working with Smitty’s Auto Service. To ensure this, we offer you:

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