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Auto Problems You Should Check Immediately and Why

Posted on November 8, 2019

Though automobile engineering has come a long way from what it was like when the first automobiles were built, there is still one thing that plagues drivers the world over. Auto Problems! No matter what manufacturer your car was made by and how recent the model may be; over a period of time, you’re bound to face some troubles.

Sure you can avoid such issues through regular maintenance, but let’s face it. Most of us tend to forget about the wellbeing of our automobiles until they start failing in a way that cannot be ignored!

Automobile Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

We have folks often come into our auto repair shop in Gainesville, FL, with cars that have sustained serious damage due to negligence. If you want to stay safe and save on massive repairs, don’t ignore the Auto Problems mentioned below.

Warning Lights Flashing On Your Dashboard

Flashing Lights on Dashboard
It doesn’t matter if your automobile is a regular sedan, a four-wheeler or something else. The warning lights on the dash are there for a reason. Cars today have complex sensor systems. These are designed to alert drivers that something is not functioning as it should.

If your car’s warning lights start flashing, visit a professional mechanic. The mechanic will run a diagnostics check to pinpoint the problem.

Engine Troubles like Sputtering, Rattling, Misfiring:

Engine troubles can be due to anything from poor engine maintenance and old spark plugs to inadequate oil changes. Engine troubles may include sputtering as well as rattling engines. Missing or misfiring is also another common problem.

If your car shakes aggressively when the engine is running, if it doesn’t always start as it should and you’ve done the plug and oil changes, go see an auto mechanic.

Fuel Consumption is Too High

If your car is consuming more fuel than it should, this could be due to a number of reasons. Your tires might need to be changed or your wheels might be misaligned. It could also be due to the use of poor quality oil, a lack of engine maintenance and problems with your catalytic converter or exhaust system.
If your car is giving you fewer miles for the gallon than it should, get it checked.
Rusty car disc brake 270x172 1 200x172
We probably don’t need to get into why your breaks need to be in good shape at all times. When your brake shoes are eroded or damaged, you can hear a shrill grinding sound when you press on the brake pedal. Brake responsiveness may also diminish but you should not wait that long. If your breaks are acting wonky, have them inspected before they fail at the wrong time.

Battery and Alternator Problems

Problems with your battery or alternator should not be ignored. Both are responsible for all the electrical functions of your automobile. Given most vehicles today are highly reliant on electrical function, any problems with either your battery or alternator should be addressed immediately.

Batteries running out or dying could mean a change in battery fluid is required. It could also be due to problems with the contact nodes or a faulty alternator; either way, have it looked at.

Transmission Grinding or Slipping

Grinding or slipping transmission is a problem. Whether your automobile is a stick shift or an automatic is irrelevant. Problems with transmission are probably beyond your scope if you’re not a trained auto technician, so leave the job to the experts.

Wobbly Steering

Finally, if you feel your car is unstable, it could be anything from tire alignment to problems with your chassis. A wobbling steering wheel is another thing you should not ignore.

Overheating Engine or Failing Emission Tests

There are other situations like frequent overheating or failure of emission tests that warrant a visit to the auto repair shop.

If you’re struggling with any of the problems above, schedule a visit to Smitty’s Auto Service right away. If you have any more questions, we’re always here to help!

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